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Certified Trainer Scribes Take to the Nation

Posted by Sophie Penkrat on Aug 11, 2016 1:36:13 PM
Implementing 30+ Scribe Programs Across the Country

Growing a new scribe program from the bottom-up is no simple feat, especially when nearly 35 are being implemented simultaneously. At PhysAssist Scribes, we're specialists at implementing a scribe program and always turn to our experts to help—our Certified Trainer Scribes (CTS). CTSs are seasoned medical scribes who travel to our newest locations to teach EMR navigation, proper charting and generally the ins-and-outs of the emergency department. They also help ED physicians to acclimate working with scribes in order to maximize efficiency during their shifts.

Where are our CTSs now? We're popping up all over the country, including Alaska, California and Florida. 
Check out the map to see our current and upcoming sites.


Travel & Learn as a CTS!

We're always looking for quality scribes to grow into the leadership roll of a CTS. As a CTS, you can travel to different states and gain invaluable experience in different types of emergency departments...not to mention expanding your network of physicians and hospital administrators. How's that for a resume booster? 

  • Click here to learn more about Certified Trainer Scribes.
  • Are you a PhysAssist Scribe interested in becoming a CTS? Click here to apply now or email
  • We're offering a $300 bonus to scribes who commit through September 2016.
    Don't miss out on this great way to save for med school!

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