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That's a Wrap! Driving Change at the 2017 Leadership Conference

Posted by Rachel Salinas on Sep 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

In August, PhysAssist Scribes hosted the bi-annual Leadership Conference in our home of Fort Worth, Texas. Over 150 Chiefs, Lead Trainers, Certified Trainer Scribes (CTSs) and support team members joined together for two full days of meeting and discussing their experiences and accomplishments that they have seen take place during their time with PhysAssist. Here scribes are encouraged to compare their experiences with fellow scribes across the country and learn from one another.




The theme of this summer's Leadership Conference was Driving Change - one of our commitment statements that is a current focus of our employees across all levels of our organization. At the Leadership Conference we were able learn how each leader on our team is challenging themselves to seek new opportunities for progress within their current role. The goal of this conference was to find out exactly what Driving Change means to each person, both in their specific roles as well as PhysAssist as a whole.




Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • During the two days that we met at the Hurst Conference Center, attendees had to actively practice our “Be Coachable” commitment statement by participating in conversations, listening, and learning while Physicians and Scribes discussed their experiences. When asked about the opportunity to meet some of the other team members, one scribe said, “I thought it was a great opportunity to meet other scribes and bond as a national team.”
  • Scribes were able to meet face to face with some of the Operations Team members that work day in and day out with the scribes. One scribe loved that they had the opportunity "to meet everyone in my region as well as my Operations Manager and Operations Coordinator.”
  • The top rated presentation was “Drive Change, Not Drama”. This presentation was given by Pam Boyd, our partner, where she discussed the importance of eliminating drama in the workforce in order to achieve results.
  • Scribes had the opportunity to celebrate together and recognize each other's unique talents in front of more than 150 of their PhysAssist Scribe peers during the Talent Spotlight portion of the conference.
  • Alumni Network - All attendees got a introduction to the alumni network at our Wednesday night social. You can join the Alumni Network Facebook Page here!


Through events like the bi-annual Leadership Conference, PhysAssist Scribes strives to continue to Drive Change within our industry by providing opportunities to learn and grow as future medical leaders.

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