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Feel Good Friday: PhysAssist Scribes' Heart beats with the American Heart Association

Posted by Judge Howell on Sep 29, 2017 9:36:59 AM

This summer, PhysAssist Scribes worked to raise over $4,000 to help aid the American Heart Association efforts. Money was raised through a competition that pitted the different departments against each other. Each team was able to raise money in several ways: A penny war where you could either help your own efforts by adding pennies for your team or hurt other teams by adding silver coins, and through promoting additional external donations online via our very own customized t-shirts, and hearts honoring friends and family members.

PhysAssist Raises $4257.55 dollars for the American Herat Association


Justin Richardson after being pied in the face by his team.

Each department had fun heart-themed team names and team coaches. "The Heart Steppers", led by Ashley Brondo and Amber Altemose, raised the most money, while the rest of the team captains had a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads (Yes, there is a video. Check it out below!). Justin Richardson, one of the coaches for "You're so Vein", allowed his team to raised money for the opportunity to pie him in the face, which they were able to do three times! Below is a list of the team names and their captains:

  • The Walking Geniu$e$ - Led by Lisa Bozarth and Kathy Booles
  • The Heartthrobs - Led by Raegan Baskin and Caitlyn Shadduck
  • Red Hot Chili Steppers - Led by Laura Bustamante and Natasha Hall
  • Thoracic Park - Led by Amy Harvey and Kim Baxter
  • You're So Vein - Led by Justin Richardson and Devika Patil
  • The Heart Steppers - Led by Ashley Brondo and Amber Altemose




(Sorry Justin, couldn't resist!)


PhysAssist Scribe team get's ready to tackle the Heart Walk

On September 2nd, 2017, members of the PhysAssist Scribes support team, their family and friends participated in the American Heart Association Heart Walk, completing either a mile walk or a 5K. The heart walk supported both survivors and families affected by heart complications.

Thank you to all of the support team, their families and friends who participated in helping us raise money and awareness for this great cause! This could not have been as successful without the leadership from our coaches and your support!

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