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Scribe Chat—Being a Scribe Prepared me for PA School

Posted by Sophie Penkrat on Mar 18, 2016 9:13:16 AM

GabrielaMadrigal.jpgWe believe that PhysAssist Scribes provides an unprecedented opportunity for future medical providers to learn about the fast-paced world of medicine, literally from the trenches.

Our providers help people when they are unwell and our scribes help those providers...on so many levels. Every scribe has a unique story about how their experience made an impact on their medical school or physician assistant program education; not to mention the incredible things they learned by being a part of the emergency department experience—from clockwork teamwork during codes to understanding scans and EKGS to the special comraderie that exists between doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs and, of course, scribes.

We sat down with Gabriela Madrigal (pictured right), a former PhysAssist Scribe from our Memorial Herman Greater Heights facility in Houston, TX, to ask if her scribing experience inspired or influenced her future aspirations as a medical providerGabby was scribing with us while getting her BBA in finance and management from Texas A&M University.

Interview with Gabriela Madrigal

Conducted by Zain Razvi, Project Coordinator, PhysAssist Scribes

 What has been your medical career moves since your time as a PhysAssist Scribe?

A  I am currently attending the Le Moyne College physician assistant program in Syracuse, NY, on track to graduate in August 2017. After that, I want to move back to Houston to Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital (where I was a scribe) to work as an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant with my former provider team.

 What did you enjoy most as a Scribe?

 I definitely miss being a scribeI had such a great experience and so much fun working with and getting to know the Emergency Department staff. In fact, that's exactly why I plan on going back to work with them again in my new role as a PA.

 Did scribing help you prepare for PA school?

 I cannot even begin to list how much I learned as a medical scribe, which is now translating incredibly well to my PA school studies! I tried to make the most of my medical scribe experience by asking a lot of questions and doing research on medical conditions that I encountered while in the ED. It's really paying off.

 Do you think your PhysAssist Scribe team leaders made an impact on your scribe experience?

 My Chief Scribe, Farzana Toly, was and is an amazing leader! She made my scribe experience wonderful. Dr. Ross Bauer, the scribe liaison, imparted so much medical knowledge as wellI was very lucky to have such a wonderful mentor.


Are you a former PhysAssist Scribe? We'd love to hear where you are now and how scribing helped pave your path into medicine. Share your story in the comments below!

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