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How to Grow in the ED as a PhysAssist Scribe

Posted by Sophie Penkrat on Mar 22, 2016 9:30:00 AM

GrowGraphic.jpgSo you've been a scribe for a few months now and you're zipping through charts in no time. You hit a lull in between patients and suddenly you think "hunh, I've got this scribing thing down what?" Well, as a scribe, there's always room to grow. Stop day dreaming in the ED and start being present, as ER physician Dr. Crowley shared with us a few weeks ago—because there are tons of ways to use what you have learned as a scribe that can be translated into leadership positions with PhysAssist Scribes.

There are so many paths you can take to enhance your skills to become a leader and a teacher...not to mention you can even travel to train scribes in hospitals across the country! Check out the handy chart in this post spotlighting the avenues you can take, including:

  • Trainer ScribeTeach new scribes the ropes or your ER and EMR on the floor in real-time.
  • Head TrainerLead the trainers for your team and help the Chief with on-site education.
  • Chief ScribeOversee management for your entire team and build team spirit.
  • Certified Trainer Scribe (CTS)Travel to medical facilities far and wide to help us implement new programs.
  • Lead TrainerManage operations with your CTS and team during implementations and help physicians learn how to use scribes effectively.
  • Scribe AmbassadorGet out to schools share the PhysAssist Scribes experience with future scribes.
  • Onboarding SpecialistScribe part time while helping us in the hiring of future scribes.
  • Scribe U CoordinatorMentor trainees through Scribe U, including all elements of a SOAP note.
If you're a PhysAssist Scribe and are interested in any of these growth opportunities, contact your Client Services Manager to find out how to apply. Onward and upward! (Not a scribe? Click here to learn more.)


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