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Intern to Corporate Journey - Rachel Salinas

Posted by Rachel Salinas on Oct 25, 2017 3:15:53 PM
Rachel Salinas at Graduation

140 degree options and you have to just pick 1? Okay, some people end up picking two and it can get more complicated, but trying to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life with no real office work experience seemed impossible! By my Junior year of college these questions were becoming more important as I realized I was going to need a real job in about a year, so I decided to look for an internship.  

By this time I had changed my major about 8 times, finally landed on Marketing, but I still wasn’t convinced it was for me. I looked at internships in all areas of business, and after a little experience I decided HR was what interested me most. I wanted to be apart of creating the organization's brand and find ways to keep the current employees happy. I came across the HR Intern job posting for PhysAssist Scribes and decided to submit my application. Luckily, after interviewing with my current boss, I got the job!


Here are the top 4 reasons why I’d say my internship was a success!

1) #PhysFam Is a Real Thing

On my first day at PhysAssist, we were preparing for our annual Halloween celebration and everyone at the office was full of energy! I met at least 25 people, all at different levels of experience and job tiers, who welcomed me and immediately made me feel comfortable. Throughout my experience with PhysAssist, each person works hard to get to know the people around them. Having this kind of environment made me feel comfortable asking questions when I was confused or overwhelmed.

 The coordinators, managers, directors and VPs that I worked with on various projects during my internship, cared about teaching me why we do things the way we do, and were honest when they had feedback or saw an area that I could improve. Feeling at home and included early on in the internship allowed me to be vulnerable at times and confident enough to ask the questions that I might not have asked otherwise. Something that is also taken seriously at PhysAssist Scribes is recognizing each other's successes. Whether an email chain is sent out to the office to congratulate an employee on a new promotion, or a new process was implemented successfully for one of our scribe teams, the #PhysFam recognizes these wins and celebrates together!


2) Way more than just an internship

When I started my internship I had no idea that I would end up feeling so invested in this company and really had never experienced any kind of fulfilling work. Since my first week  at PhysAssist, I have had a weekly meeting called a “touch base” where my manager and I sit down and talk. During busy weeks this can be more of quick project updates, but overall this time is devoted to my manager listening to my career goals, personal goals, and areas where I think I could improve. These conversations help us stay on the same page with what kind of projects make me feel the most valued and fulfilled while also setting time for her to specifically give me areas of improvement and praise. As an intern this was huge to me because I was able to talk out some of the career questions that she had already run into and develop more of a mentor relationship.

As graduation came closer more and more people would ask me “what’s next?”.  My go to answer was always just to keep learning. At PhysAssist the collaborative culture helps me to be coachable and learn from others to help me grow in my career. Each employee is working to be in the moment and actively seek feedback to be sure that we are all learning and presenting the best information we can. I am constantly presented with new areas that I can improve in and learn more about. This makes me feel invested in and even as an intern I felt like an essential piece of the HR department.


3) Small Support Team, Big Projects

Working as an intern, I learned all the usual administrative tasks and I was okay with this because I understood that I had to start somewhere. When I finally started getting the hang of things my manager started to challenge me with bigger projects. After about a month and a half I was working on projects that were directly affecting our brand name and the processes we used to find candidates. The ideas that we were creating together  helped us determine best approach to tackle the new issues that were being presented. We were able to drive change on the talent acquisition side of our business thanks to the collaborative environment that encourages each person to bring new ideas to the table in hopes of find the best approach to reach our goals.

Due to the amount of growth that PhysAssist has been experiencing and the collaborative environment I was able to be apart of initiatives that would eventually affect our Recruiting process. I was attending career fairs to recruit candidates, meeting with executives to present updates, and working closely with other departments to reach our company goals.  I learned more about how each department worked together to reach the company's goals and this helped me better understand where I fit in the business world. Through interdepartmental work and success I was able to deliver results and help execute the talent acquisition vision that we had created.


4) Grow With Us!


During my time at PhysAssist I have been through several supplemental trainings that will help me in my future career. I have access to resources that will remind me how to build a Pivot Table on Excel, all the to what I can do to help keep Millennials engaged in the workforce. If it’s continuing your education by getting another degree, a new certification, or just reading a new book on building your Emotional Intelligence, PhysAssist has a resource for you to accomplish this. Working and learning in this type of environment helped motivate me and get a better understanding of where I want to take my career and what I need to do to accomplish that.

While PhysAssist is always encouraging employees to continue to learn and grow in their career, the company recognizes how important it is to also live in the moment. Being committed to “Be Here Now” means turning off cell phones or electronics during meetings and actively listening to the new ideas being presented. This goes for employees in all tiers and has been a great way for me to learn more about staying focused, being attentive and absorbing all the information and ideas that are shared around the office. The idea that we have have to be here now to continue to grow is embedded throughout the culture in the PhysAssist office.



When it came time to graduation and I was ready to apply for a full time job I felt more prepared than I ever thought I would to enter the job field. I was excited about my future opportunities, but I knew that the most important thing was working for a company that invested in my growth and knowledge. I was  nervous that I would end up at company that did not have the same collaborative, hands on, fun environment that I found at PhysAssist. Thankfully at the time of my graduation an HR Generalist position opened up with the company and I joined the PhysAssist team full time! In October I hit my one year with PhysAssist and I can honestly say I learned more in this past year than I had ever expected! Being an intern with PhysAssist prepared me for my future and I am excited for others to have the same experience!


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