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July 2018 Scribe of the Month

Posted by Peggy Fredrickson on Aug 28, 2018 11:00:00 AM
We're proud of our scribe of the month winners!

Our scribes work tirelessly day and night serving the best doctors HR_SOTM_Logo.pngpracticing medicine. We believe every single one of them is amazing, but every once in a while there are a handful of scribes who go above and beyond. The PhysAssist Scribe of the Month (SOTM) program was developed to recognize a few stellar individuals each month who embody the essence of what it means to be a scribe. We view these attributes as sincere, caring, responsive, innovative, balanced and efficient.

How It Works

Every month, outstanding scribes are nominated for a Scribe Spotlight by members of their team or fellow scribes. We've poured over all of this month's nominees and are proud to announce those selected to be Scribe of the Month for July 2018 in each region that we service across the country. Check 'em out below! #SOTM

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Know a scribe who really stands out?

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Boris Temkin - Syracuse, NY

"I am very honored to be selected, especially since I have only worked for PhysAssist for a little over 3 months. On the one hand, I am very happy that my hard work and dedication are appreciated. On the other hand, I know I have MUCH more to do and improve upon as a scribe and as my team's chief."

July 2018 SOTM Boris Temkin - Northeast


Reason for Nomination: 

“This Scribe came in as a new hire and immediately agreed to become Chief when no one else on the team was willing to take on the responsibility.  The team was struggling prior to him taking on the Chief role.  He brought the new members of the team and the experienced members of the team together and improved provider feedback.  His positive attitude and organization habits help improve the team.”


What made you want to be a scribe? 

During my post-bacc year, my friends and I liked to swap healthcare experience stories. I had volunteered in a few hospitals and worked as a CNA, so I had some good stories to tell, but no one could compete with Sukrti. She was a Chief Scribe in an urban Los Angeles ER for Scribe America, and she saw the craziest things I had ever heard of. During our clinically-based courses, she excelled due to her experience. Three of her friends, myself included, decided to work as scribes during our gap years because of her experience. We all wanted the kind of experience that only scribing can give a pre-medical student.


What are your future career aspirations?

I am applying to PA programs, hoping to start school next fall!


Who inspires you? 

There are two correct answers here: my fiancé, Hannah, and a PA here at Crouse Hospital named Mike Mastreleo.

My fiancé is a 5th-year PhD student at Upstate Medical University, here in Syracuse. Having gotten to know her, I have learned what true ownership over one's career looks like. She is the most dedicated person I have ever met, sometimes, to a fault.

Mike is a very special kind of PA. When you ask most PA's and pre-PA's why they chose the profession over MD or DO, they will tell you that the ability to change specialties quickly was a huge factor. I asked one of the PA's at work if they knew anyone who had practiced the same PA specialty throughout their entire career. She pointed at Mike, who had been an Emergency Room PA for over 25 years. The ER is where a lot of new PA's start out because it's a great way to see and learn a lot of different techniques and conditions. Most PA's spend a few years in the ER and move on to a more specialized, usually better-paid and better-scheduled practice; not Mike. He has taken care of the sickest people in Syracuse on their worst days for over 25 years, and I have never seen him at work without a smile on his face.


Breanna Henson - Farmington, MO

"I am honored to have been selected as scribe of the month."

July 2018 SOTM Breanna Henson - Central


Reason for Nomination: 

Breanna and I had to work together on a critical patient today, and she maintained good productivity and workflow throughout the encounter. She also demonstrated great leadership skills, and attentive listening to her physician."


What is the best part of working on your team?

Getting to know the doctors, mid-levels, and nurses on staff at the facilities on a personal basis.


If you weren’t going into Medicine, what else would you be interested in?

Criminal Psychology/Forensics


What are your future career aspirations?

My future career aspirations are to become a Cognitive Neuroscientist.


Hannah Silberberg - Fairfield, CA

"It feels really cool! It feels like just yesterday that I was going through residency training, and NEVER thought I would ever get to this point. I enjoy working hard for my team, and the recognition really means a lot."

July 2018 SOTM Hannah Siberberg


Reason for Nomination: 

Always being a reliable scribe on the Fairfield team for the past 6+ months. You were recently promoted to trainer, and jumped in immediately performing training shifts and chart audits. We had many open shifts in the month of June, and you picked up several shifts or traded your own shifts in order to ensure no open shifts. You were willing to perform float shifts on your days off to help a struggling teammate.


What made you want to be a scribe? 

I've always been intrigued with Emergency Medicine, and after learning about the position from a good friend, I applied right away! 


How do you prefer to spend your free time? 

I always make time to work out at my gym Crossfit Davis. It refreshes me, and makes me feel so strong and confident. I also love taking my puppy Harper to the dog park to run around and play fetch. When I'm really looking to recover, I enjoy relaxing on the couch, watching The Food Network.


Who inspires you?

My family. I moved away from my family at a young age to pursue my athletic and academic career, and always have them in the back of my mind. I constantly think about my parents and grandparents, and just want to make them proud. When I'm tired, or struggling to stay focused I think of my niece and nephews who are looking up to me, and it motivates me to work harder and set an example for them. 



Katelyn Sinclair - Fairfield, CA


Lauren Falcon - Plano, TX

"It's incredible! I see different scribes every month and never thought I would be considered or picked. Truly grateful for the honor!"

July 2018 SOTM Lauren Falcon- TX


Reason for Nomination: 

“Lauren is the sole reason our team made it through the last few months with 100% shift coverage. Through resignations with short notice, multiple scribe illnesses, and other bouts of bad luck, Lauren has gone far out of her way to cover every open shift she can with a smile. She has the biggest heart and has taught so many of us how to be a better scribe and team player.”


What made you want to be a scribe? 

I had a lot of background working in a lab but I wanted some real, firsthand experience in the medical field. I thought becoming a scribe would be a great learning opportunity for me as well.


What is the best part of working on your team?

The best part of working on my team, is the sense of teamwork and sharing the cool cases they came across while working. Their excitement for the case is contagious and reminds us all why we are wanting to be in the medical field.


If you weren't going into Medicine, what else would you be interested in? 

Travel planning. I love planning trips - researching the area, immersing in the culture, and then actually experiencing everything I've read about.



Lauren Jones - Frisco, TX


Jenny Valenzuela - Miami, FL

Nicole Hernandez - Hollywood, FL

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