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Leadership Conference Winter 2016: Being a Leader

Posted by Sophie Penkrat on Mar 8, 2016 3:35:55 PM
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The greatest leaders do more than take charge, turning an idea into a successfully executed endeavor. They continuously train to hone their captaining traits to become more adept at heading the helm. According to Forbes, among the best qualities that make a leader great are effective communication skills, which can help instill trust and higher morale, as well as approach and intuition, which can lead to better adaptability to all of the things work can throw at us. 

The winter 2016 PhysAssist Scribes Leadership Conference featured two dynamic audience participation-driven talks that addressed different techniques and traits Chief Scribes, Trainers, and in fact, every employee can leverage to be a more effective leader.

Jennifer Whitman, co-founder of Professional Performance Consultants, worked with Conference attendees on ways to enhance one's personal communication style, including:

  • Being self aware of body language and stance.
  • Leading communication with action.
  • Feeling confident to own a conversation.
  • Smiling to put others at ease while raising endorphin and decreasing stress hormones.  

James Bird Guess, CEO and President of International Success Academy, headed up an energetic talk on leading change through adaptability--the ability to change to meet varying circumstances, in other words, being a professional chameleon. Guess instilled in attendees that with adaptability the sky is the limit with regards to the value each of them can deliver, meaning performance can be maximized when one is ready for anything. Every leader can assess a scenario, maybe not knowing what to expect but knowing what to do when the unexpected happens. 


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