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Leadership Conference Winter 2016: What Makes a Good Scribe

Posted by Sophie Penkrat on Mar 4, 2016 2:55:29 PM
ed doc sam crowley shares tips on being a better scribe

From January 6 to 7, 2016, chief scribes, lead trainers and corporate employees engaged in a variety of interactive workshops and inspiring talks at the biannual PhysAssist Scribes Leadership Conference. Attendees were treated to a highly informative and exciting conversation with Sam Crowley, MD, emergency room physician and Chief of Staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall.

Dr. Crowley shared his own (very real) story on his road to becoming a successful ER physician--including ups and downs and what he learned along the way. He continued to provide invaluable insight on what makes a good scribe and why, especially once scribing has become second nature. Some top tips included: 

1. Be on time to your shift
2. Think like a doctor
3. Pay attention to the patient (LOOK UP from your screen while documenting!)
4. Follow trends--start to recognize what symptoms match which diseases
5. Be present mentally at all times
6. Ask questions

In the comments below, tell us what you think makes you a better scribe and why. We'd love to hear your own success to scribing story!

To see photos and other highlights from the Leadership Conference, click here. Check back soon for more exciting videos from the Conference!

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