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Leadership Conference Winter 2017

Posted by Jill Russell on Jan 31, 2017 8:52:01 AM
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More than 100 Chief Scribes, Certified Trainer Scribes (CTSs), Lead Trainers and corporate support team members gathered in Hurst, TX, from January 11 to 12, 2017, for the biannual PhysAssist Scribes Leadership Conference. The event brings together exceptional scribes in leadership roles from around the country to connect with each other and company leads, collaborating ways to help their scribe teams while learning invaluable skills.

Why does PhysAssist hold a Leadership Conference?

The Leadership Conference was established in 2012 for team building, training, and development with Chief Scribes. It has evolved into a large-scale event for networking, peer-to-peer idea sharing, and training on leadership strategy and tactics. This is an opportunity to invest in our scribe leaders' continued development, which they bring back to their home teams across the nation. By nurturing our scribes' development we hope to help them become shining stars in healthcare as their careers grow.

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The January 2016 PhysAssist Scribes Leadership Conference included two days packed with activities. From the moment attendees walked through the door, the fun and learning began. It was all kicked-off with a raucous version of Heads-Up!, with everyone getting acquainted via a celebrity counterpart (yours truly was Robin Hood, which took a hot minute to figure out). Right after this, scribes showed off the talents they have outside of the ED in an extraordinary PhysGotTalent performance. From singing to magic, attendees were awed by the secret talents of their peers. 

But it was not all fun and games. Conference attendees spent a lot of time in break-out sessions and Q&A's gaining information from top company executives. This included the Putting the Pieces Together panel, featuring, Amanda Buffington, JD, VP of Operations; Amber Altemose, JD, Corporate Counsel; Chelsey Geiger, VP of Operations Support; Laura Bustamante; VP of Human Resources; Reagan Baskin, VP of Training; several of whom where scribes before, thus being able to discuss matters on the front end and back-end of scribing. 

The keynote address featured former Certified Trainer Scribe and Chief Scribe, Dr. Christopher Skillern, who worked with PhysAssist for several years, gaining invaluable knowledge that has assisted him with pursuing his dream of becoming a physician. Chris is currently an emergency medicine resident in El Paso, Texas.

Other engaging sessions included ones pulling the curtain back on legal and compliance; how we staff hundreds of facilities across 36 states while managing the schedules of over 1,500 scribes; the ins and outs of our scribe support team; and so much more! In between the interactive sessions, Chief Scribes and Lead Trainers wandered among the Conference booths set up by each internal support department. Booths included informative games (such as the Marketing roulette wheel where Scribes could learn more about provider emergency department pain points, such as left without being seen metrics, etc.), voting on trainee webinar topics, and more!

Each Chief Scribe, Lead Trainer, and corporate attendee left the conference with an arsenal of new skills including team-building ideas, conflict resolution advice and a great new network of peer contacts to turn to for support. We look forward to hosting our next batch of leaders in August.

Check out photos from the PhysAssist Scribes Leadership Conference Winter 2017 below. Have more shots? Post them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram #PhysLC17.

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