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Posted by Sophie Penkrat on Aug 26, 2016 1:40:16 PM

we've got talents, oh yes we do!

It takes a lot of smarts, time and energy to be a medical scribe. Likewise, a lot of effort and know-how goes into nurturing and managing scribes and teams on the ground and in the emergency department. With all of the hustle and bustle in the ED and behind the scenes, it's easy to forget that each person involved in the common goal of assisting our providers is an individual—each with a unique personality and abilities. 

In an effort to recognize that each member of our PhysAssist Scribes family has special skills outside of their day-to-day, we have an initiative called PhysGotTalent. This company-wide program invites all employees, scribes and corporate, to share a secret talent or ability that they're passionate about. 


TaylorMcKay-3.pngA few exceptional individuals have already shown off their chops. Check out the PhysGotTalent website to see their work, including some stunning photography from Taylor McKay (see photo to the right), corporate, and Maria Garcia, scribe. We would also like to spotlight Victoria Castillo, Lead I Am Scribe University Coordinator, for sharing her extraordinary poetry skills. She states: "During my free time, I love writing poetry. I enjoy all poetry but much of my work is geared toward the military and police force. They hold a special place in my heart." Scroll down for Victoria's poem written to honor the officers killed in Dallas, TX, in July 2016.


Most recently, we had a special treat when a bunch of our Chief Scribes, Lead Trainers and corporate employees shared their talents in person at the August 2016 PhysAssist Scribes Leadership Conference, a biannual event filled with interactive talks and collaborative workshops. Executive Vice President Andrew Geesbreght invited attendees to show off their talents to a live audience of their peers. From singing to magic, mind-reading to gymnastics, our team has some amazing talent.

Here are a few highlights from the event:



For PhysGotTalent

There are bodies lying in the street
And gunshots all around
Screaming voices fill the air "Help! Officer down!" VictoriaCastillo_poetry.jpg

Chaos erupts around me
I'm trembling with fear
When suddenly someone grabs my hand and yells,
"Please, stay right here!" 

I hid behind a vehicle
While he ran to join the fight
This man I had never met before
Had possibly just saved my life 

The officer was scared,
Of this I have no doubt
But despite the terror in his heart
He let his courage out 

This man had many children
He could have seen them grow
But because of the uniform he wore
He never made it home 

This man in blue was caring
He was brave and kind and smart
And although I did not catch his name
He is forever in my heart

You may choose to hate them
Because of the job they do
But because of all they've done for me,
I will proudly back the blue

Are you a PhysAssist Scribe with an awesome hidden talent? From cooking to tae kwon do, piano playing to fashion design, we think it's all so amazing!
Click here and submit your talent today!

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