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October 2017 Scribe of the Month

Posted by America Mendez on Nov 25, 2017 8:00:00 AM
We're proud of our scribe of the month winners!

Our scribes work tirelessly day and night serving the best doctors HR_SOTM_Logo.pngpracticing medicine. We believe every single one of them is amazing, but every once in a while there are a handful of scribes who go above and beyond. The PhysAssist Scribe of the Month (SOTM) program was developed to recognize a few stellar individuals each month who embody the essence of what it means to be a scribe. We view these attributes as sincere, caring, responsive, innovative, balanced and efficient.

How It Works

Every month, outstanding scribes are nominated for a Scribe Spotlight by members of their team or fellow scribes. We've poured over all of this month's nominees and are proud to announce those selected to be Scribe of the Month for October 2017 in each region that we service across the country. Check 'em out below! #SOTM



“I feel so honored to be Scribe of the Month especially since there are so many deserving scribes on my team to receive this nomination. It feels great to be recognized for all of the hard work and dedication I have put in over the last few months.”

Reason for Nomination: Kaylee Taillon mid atlantic.jpg

“Kaylee demonstrated impeccable leadership abilities when her team was at its worst. After resignation after resignation came through, Kaylee did not give up but got all 15 open shifts in a two week span covered with the few people left.  Since the team was so stretched thin, she also picked up extra shifts when the team couldn't work them. Throughout the entire process, Kaylee remained calm and resilient as she stepped up for her team, which showed in their morale and sense of team.”

Why did you choose to become a scribe?

Ultimately, I decided to become a scribe in order to gain patient care experience hours to apply to PA school. I was originally looking at becoming a CNA but when my school sent out an email saying that PhysAssist was searching for scribes for a new site in my area, I decided to take the chance and apply. Nevertheless, I have had a great time working as a scribe and wouldn't change a thing!

What is the best part of working on your team?

Definitely the people. I am so lucky to be a part of this team and I attribute all my success to my fellow scribes. Our site recently struggled with multiple resignations and under staffing. My teammates never failed to assist in hectic times and I honestly couldn't have done my job without their dedication and long hours.



Jessica DeBelly - Louisville, KY

Karishma Patel - Rocky Mount, NC

Chriss Pullen - Southaven, MS

Anna Edens - Charleston, SC





“Being selected as SOTM is an absolute honor! I love my job, but there are days when it is challenging nonetheless. Getting recognized for your hard work, despite moments when you feel that you can be improving is a great reward!”

Reason for nomination: Taylor Manzella - Central.jpg

“Taylor Manzella is an amazing individual.  She stepped into a low staffed team and has embraced the challenge.  She is incredibly responsive and has been so positive with all of her communication.  She has helped both the Recruiter and SA in their duties as this is a tough area for which to recruit.  Our hospital had some turnover with their HR and IT staff and Taylor has been very proactive in reaching out to fill in the knowledge gaps.  The team has had wonderful things to say to her as well. We are very grateful for Taylor and all of her help with this team.”

What are your future career aspirations?

My future career plans are to apply to medical school for the 2019 cycle! I am not sure which direction I want to go in medicine, but I am hoping that a field will choose me once I get to medical school. Right now I am really interested in oncology, dermatology, or emergency medicine.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by many people! My parents are the epitome of hard work and dedication. Neither of my parents have a college degree, but they both worked their way up to the top of their companies before starting their own businesses. They inspire me everyday to work as hard as I can to get to where I need and want to be. I am also inspired by Dr. Daniel Sucato and Dr. Andy McDavid, the two men that changed my life through medicine and have continuously inspired me to do the same.




“Very exciting. I love what I do and I'm proud to help represent our team."

Reason for Nomination: darci Martin Texas.png

"Darci has worked very hard as a head trainer for her team that was severely understaffed these past couple of months. She has helped manage countless trainees going through residency and gave them the necessary tools to succeed. Not only is she a wonderful head trainer and appreciated by her support team, but her providers even appreciate her. For example: "I wouldn't have been able to see 44 patients in one day without Darci's help. She's a fantastic scribe and I was lucky to be with her. "

What made you want to be a scribe?

I wanted to gain some valuable experience that would prepare me for medical school and an eventual career in medicine.

What is the best part of working on your team?

I like the fast paced environment of Parkland and have thoroughly enjoyed working with several of our providers.



Quintin Kent - Dallas, TX


Know a scribe who really stands out?

Nominate them for the next SOTM by clicking below.

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