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Meet our staffing coordinators!

Posted by Judge Howell on Nov 17, 2017 5:05:44 PM

What is a Staffing Coordinator you ask?  While you can read through the job description on our application page, we wanted to provide you with an inside look at what our team does on a day-to-day basis! After coming up with a list of questions ranging from what their favorite karaoke song is to why they come to work everyday, we are ready to share the results! 


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Meet Our Team!

Amber Posel

  • Hometown: Helena, Montana 
  • Fun Fact: I love to play tennis
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work: Spend time outdoors with my kids and husband 
  • Go to Karaoke song: I don't really have one... but I guess probably Bye, Bye, Bye from NSYNC (I don't really sing karaoke)

Christin Sawyer

  • Hometown: I'm from here - Fort Worth!
  • Fun Fact: I'm the only person in my family whose toes go in the correct length order
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work: I'm obsessed with my dog, Remy, so my husband and I take him to the dog park pretty much every day
  • Go to Karaoke song: When I lived in Seoul, there was actually a karaoke room in the basement of my building - I've karaoked more than I like to admit! "Shoop" by Salt n' Pepa is probably my go-to though

Jordan McClendon

  • Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
  • Fun Fact: I used to model in college and was a president of a modeling team called Twisted Kreations
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work: Hang with friends/fam and travel
  • Go to Karaoke song: Don't do Karaoke much but anything by Beyonce would be good for me! I know all of her songs!

Krystin Rogers

  • Hometown: Fort Worth
  • Fun Fact: I used to win stuff off of the radio all the time. Concert tickets, season passes to Six Flags, even a trip to Nashville!
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work: Attend my boys' sporting events and listen to live music
  • Go to Karaoke song: Ha! I don't sing Karaoke, but if I was going to, it would probably be a song from Grease.

Tara Wade

  • Hometown: Fort Worth
  • Fun Fact: Huge Bon Jovi Fan!
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work: Hanging out with my 3 boys and husband.
  • Go to Karaoke song: Yeah, I don't do Karaoke, no one wants to hear that! I do sing out loud to Livin on a Prayer when I am alone, in my car


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What is the day-to-day like?

At what stage of your career did you come into this position? Where do you hope to go from here? What is the next step in your career?

"I was previously a teacher for 6 years and decided that I wanted a career change. I worked at a staffing agency for about 6 months, but it was too sales-focused for me. I ended up at PhysAssist after that!" –Christin Sawyer

"My next step in my career is nursing school.  I am hoping to matriculate Spring 2018 to obtain my BSN. My end goal is to work as an ER nurse at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where I previously worked as a CTS!" –Jordan McClendon

"I started as a scheduler and moved up into the Staffing Coordinator role.  I hope to stay within the company and continue to move up in the operations support department." –Amber Posel

"I started with PhysAssist in June 2012 as a Staffing Specialist and then became a Recruiter in 2013. I was promoted to Recruiting Coordinator in 2015 and stayed there until my transition to OBC in June 2016. In January 2017 I moved into the SC position. I would like to continue to grow and develop within the Operations Support department." –Tara Wade

"I have worked in Healthcare for 13 years. After being a scheduler for PhysAssist for about 1 year, I transitioned into the Staffing Coordinator role. I have been in my current role for almost a year. In the future, I would like to move up to a management role within the company." -Krystin Rogers

What is your work schedule like? Do you work in the Fort Worth office or are you remote? What region of Scribes do you work with?

"I oversee Texas and Oklahoma! As for Corporate or Remote, I'm a little bit of both. I previously worked in the office every day for about 2.5 years, and I've been a telecommuter for a little over a year. I still come up to the office at least one day every week." –Christin Sawyer

"I work in the Mid-Atlantic Region as remote employee. I work remote 3 days/week and in office, 2 days/week. I like the balance and flexibility that my schedule provides. I have enough face time each week with my Operations team to build strong relationships, as well as enough time to get things done while working remote. The balance also helps me to stay connected with events happening in the office." – Jordan McClendon

What are three things you do every day as a Staffing Coordinator?

  1. Evaluate staffing needs for specific teams
  2. Oversee scheduling management
  3. Assist scribes who wish to change status.
- Krystin Rogers 
  1. Process Status changes
  2. Monitor staffing levels for all of my teams to assess the need to close or open reqsitions
  3. Work with my schedulers to ensure A+ schedules are being published by the target publish dates

– Tara Wade

Which internal departments do you communicate with? Do you communicate with anyone outside of the company? 

"I communicate with the Operations department the most consisting of our Operations Managers, Operations Coordinators, and Onboarding Coordinators. I also communicate with my Human Resources team, Recruiting team, and Schedulers (Operations Support). I do not communicate with anyone outside of PhysAssist." –Jordan McClendon

What makes you want to come to work everyday? What do you love about PhysAssist?

"I've got so many great co-workers, and I appreciate that the job has purpose. I'm not a doctor (and never will be), but I'm glad to be able to support them in this indirect way." – Christin Sawyer

"I come to work everyday because I feel my role as a Staffing Coordinator is valuable to the stability of scribe teams that I manage. My work has purpose. As a Staffing Coordinator, I provide the motor that allows the Operations team to 'drive the car.' I say that because staffing affects things at all levels (financial, Operational, etc.). What I love most about the Staffing Coordinator role is that I am given the autonomy to make decisions on my own but I am allowed to be vulnerable enough to ask questions when I am not sure.  What I love most about PhysAssist is the culture; we are a young company with a team of brilliant minds!" – Jordan McClendon

"I come to work everyday because I feel like my role as a Staffing Coordinator is an important part of the overall success of a scribe team.  I love working with my operations team, setting goals and accomplishing them together.  I love the culture PhysAssist provides as I feel it is my "second" family." – Amber Posel

"The people have always been the biggest reason why I come to work and have stayed with PhysAssist, even during the tough times. I have never worked for a company that cares so much about its people not only from a development standpoint but I also feel cared about as a person. In my previous retail experience I was just one of many and your ideas and opinions did not matter. From day one I always felt as I was a valued member of the team and even though I was in an entry level position, my job and the work I did was considered important. Five years later I still feel that same support and while my job functions have changed over the years I still feel valued by the company." – Tara Wade

"For the sense of accomplishment and to keep my mind active. It keeps me on my toes! I am always learning something new and since I don't do well with an idle mind, it is a perfect fit. Honestly, too much to list! A few of the main things are the culture, the emphasis on developing employees, and the overall purpose of the company...Help people help people." -Krystin Rogers


Feel like you're a good fit for this position?

This position requires strong communication skills, the ability to manage a team, and attention to detail. If you are still interested in becoming a Staffing Coordinator and would like to pursue a career with PhysAssist, check out our Career Page.  

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