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Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship for Scribes

Posted by Sophie Penkrat on Aug 22, 2016 6:39:28 PM


Receive $5,000 for the fall semester

PhysAssist Scribes are encouraged to apply to the Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the North Texas Ace Foundation (NTAF).

Deadline: monday, october 3, 2016
Award: $5,000

The Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship honors Becky Keel, a former PhysAssist Scribe who sadly lost her life due to a tragic accident in 2015. Becky was passionate, adventurous, bright, a go-getter and a huge dreamer. She stuck to her true morals and never let anything stand in her way. A true leader, Becky lived her life to the fullest academically, through recreation and her work.

Compassion was a trait embedded in Becky's DNA. As a little girl, she'd hoped to move to Australia to take care of animals and as a young woman she reached out to anyone she believed needed her help. Her sister, Amanda, recalled the time Becky consoled a school mate who was being bullied and how she talked a coworker off the ledge of a dark period nearly two years ago. All who knew Becky were touched by her kind soul and bubbly personality, promising to never forget all of the goodness she delivered.

The Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to an individual who is hard-working and well-rounded. Although Becky was an avid learner, consistently made dean's list and was involved in several honor societies, she was okay with a B grade if it meant she could spend a little extra time pursuing one of her varied interests. She was a natural business woman, delivering Power Point presentations to her parents on the reasons she needed to have a cell phone. Never one to rest, Becky held multiple jobs, from waiting tables to counseling children at summer camp, to save money to attain that life-long dream of traveling to Australia and working with animals. Becky was a cheerleader in every sense—her every action and activity lifting up the spirits of those around her.

"Honor her memory by giving this scholarship to someone fierce," shared Amanda Elston, Becky's sister. "Give it to someone who is passionate yet humble; someone who refuses to let circumstances stand in the way of their dreams...who is still working on those dreams. Give it to someone who is excited about life and puts meaning into every day. I have never met a more tenacious, tender-hearted, wild soul who made it a point to make an impact. Give this to someone who knows that."

If you are a PhysAssist Scribe who embodies the heart, soul and passion for knowledge the way that Becky did, please apply to the North Texas Ace Foundation's $5,000 Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship.

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The North Texas Ace Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports initiatives in human healthcare, animal welfare and the education of today's youth pursuing a future in medicine. Click here to learn more.

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