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September 2017 Scribe of the Month

Posted by America Mendez on Oct 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM
We're proud of our scribe of the month winners!

HR_SOTM_Logo.pngOur scribes work tirelessly day and night serving the best doctors practicing medicine. We believe every single one of them is amazing, but every once in a while there are a handful of scribes who go above and beyond. The PhysAssist Scribe of the Month (SOTM) program was developed to recognize a few stellar individuals each month who embody the essence of what it means to be a scribe. We view these attributes as sincere, caring, responsive, innovative, balanced and efficient.

How It Works
Every month, outstanding scribes are nominated for a Scribe Spotlight by members of their team or fellow scribes. We've poured over all of this month's nominees and are proud to announce those selected to be Scribe of the Month for September 2017 in each region that we service across the country. Check 'em out below! #SOTM



"Surprising really. I got the email saying I was selected and my first thought was, “What did I do to get this?” After speaking with my chief scribe who nominated me about it, the thought that I’m appreciated makes anyone feel great."

Reason for Nomination: Aaron Bliss - Photo - Northeast.jpg

"Through the past two weeks my scribe team has had many issues. We had several scribes leave abruptly and with a small team, it was very hard to fill shifts. Aaron picked up almost all of the shifts. He was nothing but pleasant and polite about working all of these hours. This is a norm for Aaron. He constantly helps his other scribes and is a great team player. He continues to impress me each shift with his many compliments from physicians, nurses and scribes. He is a fantastic scribe!"

What are your future career aspirations?

I’m applying for medical school right now. So hopefully after I send out all my applications, medical school is part of my future!.

Who inspires you?

I can’t really answer that one with a single person or small amount of people. I try to take my inspiration from everyone who is better than myself. For example, some of the doctors I work with are better at talking with patients, and others are better at diagnosing and making sure the patients are dispositioned quickly. I cherry-pick who is great at a certain thing, and combine all of them to try to better myself.




"It’s very humbling! I’ve only been working as a scribe for a few short months so I’m honored to be recognized as Scribe of the Month and motivated to keep working hard for my team."

Reason for Nomination: Manasa Subramani.jpg

"Manasa has excelled so far as a solo scribe. She recently joined our team a little over a month ago, and I've been extremely impressed with her performance. Throughout training and since, she has demonstrated an excellent will to learn and is overall very positive and bubbly at work. I know she will go far at PhysAssist!"

Why did you choose to become a scribe?

I first heard about scribing from a few friends who had scribed after college and loved it. As an aspiring doctor, I knew it would be a great opportunity to experience the realities and challenges of health care first-hand so I decided to try it out, myself! I’m also interested in Pediatrics so I was fortunate to come across an opportunity at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital right in my hometown of Memphis.

If you weren't going into Medicine, what else would you be interested in?

I would be interested in teaching. I have always had a passion for working with others so I’m humbled by the idea of being able to share our own knowledge and experiences with another person. I also had the opportunity to teach English as a second language throughout college, through which I was further inspired by the role of teachers in empowering and supporting others.





"When I opened the email telling me that I had been selected, I felt an overwhelming amount of humbled pride. Knowing that the hard work and spirit that you put into your job is being put into a job-well-done is so important. I am geared up, more than ever, to keep helping my team excel as scribes."

Reason for nomination: Anna Garvey.jpg

"Anna has worked tirelessly for her team to make sure trainees are supported during training and beyond when they become solo Scribes. She also actively works to make sure the doctors are happy with the Scribe coverage by actively asking them for feedback. Anna truly embodies the PhysAssist honor code by putting her team first and working to produce happy Scribes and happy doctors."

What are your future career aspirations?

I am currently in the process of studying for the MCAT and hope to be a physician one day. If you’d ask me what I’d like to specialize in, I’d tell you, at this point in my life, I want to be a plastic surgeon. In the United States, and many other first world countries, we have access to certain medical cares, financial assistance programs and aid. If someone is born with a defect, they can get it fixed. Even if they choose to live with defect, most people will be accepting of who they are. That is not the case in all nations. For some, being born looking outside of the “norm” is a death sentence. These human beings are killed at birth or cast out to beg and fight to survive outside of the community. Those in this situation had no control, no choice in their fate. I would like to help give them a better fate. Truth be told, after all of that, I can’t really tell you where I will be in 10 or 20 years, but I know I’ll be helping people. I’ll be changing things for them. People deserve better.

Who inspires you?

My mom is the most inspirational personal on the planet. There, I said it. She taught me the importance of being human, of embracing strengths and hopes and fears. Because of her, I know that I can take on the world, because she did and she won.




"Humbling and inspiring!"

Reason for Nomination: Connor Davis.png

"Connor is always willing to help with open shifts when he is available and enjoys doing as many training shifts as possible!"

"Connor has been a great scribe who helps out the entire team. Whenever we need someone to help with shift coverage he is there to lend a hand. Providers have given us positive feedback about his attitude and work ethic."

What made you want to be a scribe?

After working in the finance industry after college, I realized I had different skills to give to life than the career path I was headed down. I was between medicine and business in high school, and decided scribing would be a great way for me to see if medicine would be a good fit. I am grateful PhysAssist gave me an opportunity with zero previous clinical experience.

What is the best part of working on your team?

There are honestly a lot of great things about our team; it would be hard to choose one. I have met some really inspiring people, and have watched as our team has "turned over" effectively. We now have a broad range of experience levels, from trainees to very seasoned scribes. We function really well as a "team," we appreciate each other, and we support each other (both at work and outside of it). I cannot say enough about our team culture and the effort each individual puts in (including our team members from corporate). I have heard from several people how "proud" they are to work at Parkland and serve the city of Dallas.



Christalina John - Houston, TX

Selvin Pulickathottiyil - Houston, TX

Linh (Vivian) Nguyen - Frisco, TX

Austin Byers - Huntsville, TX

Ashley Tackett - Stephenville, TX




"It was a bit of a shock being selected! I never expected I'd be chosen for something like this, especially with all the great coworkers I'm with. I'll make sure to keep working harder and getting better to live up to this recognition."

Reason for Nomination: Adrian Postigo.jpg

“I never thought I would be writing one of these, but Adrian deserves to be recognized. He is one of the kindest human beings and has a great attitude at work. Adrian is always willing to trade shifts and is an astute example of what it is to be a team player. It is a pleasure having him as a coworker.”

What are your future career aspirations?

I want to attend a local Medical College. There's various fields that I've considered studying and working in, such as Medical Genetics, Preventative Care, or Orthopedics.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Curry and rice, without a doubt.





"I feel very honored and humbled to have been nominated. I have always tried to give 110% to the scribe team, support staff and our physicians, and I appreciate the recognition."

Reason for Nomination: Michael Tan.jpg

“Michael was nominated for his initiative to organize a scribe and provider team building event in August that was aimed at improving our non-TeamHealth client's emotional investment in our scribes. Since we implemented his idea, the clients have reported more accurate and abundant survey results than the previous months.”

What made you want to become a scribe?

I learned about scribing from someone I had met while on a medical missions trip in Guatemala. We ended up becoming really good friends and she was very enthusiastic about the clinical exposure she was getting on the job as a scribe.  At her recommendation, I applied at PhysAssist and was hired a few months later at the same site where she was working. Having had some volunteer and physician shadowing hours in the past, I was really drawn to scribing because it added a more immersive medical experience to my clinical hours, and I was really excited to be making a contribution to the medical process by assisting with the charting and documentation in the emergency department..

Who inspires you?

My medical inspiration is largely influenced by my grandfather. He was the first in our family to immigrate from China to the United States: he worked hard, started a family, and saved enough money to put himself through medical school and came out an oncologist. Sadly, he passed away before being able to start his practice. My family (and especially my grandmother) was excited to hear about my medical ambitions because they see it as a continuation of my grandfather's legacy in having a medical professional in the family. My grandfather's courage to immigrate, ability to put down roots in the US, demonstrate incredible work ethic and thrive in a new country is inspiring to me.


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