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September 2018 Scribe of the Month

Posted by Peggy Fredrickson on Oct 25, 2018 10:00:00 AM
We're proud of our scribe of the month winners!

Our scribes work tirelessly day and night serving the best doctors HR_SOTM_Logo.pngpracticing medicine. We believe every single one of them is amazing, but every once in a while there are a handful of scribes who go above and beyond. The PhysAssist Scribe of the Month (SOTM) program was developed to recognize a few stellar individuals each month who embody the essence of what it means to be a scribe. We view these attributes as sincere, caring, responsive, innovative, balanced and efficient.

How It Works

Every month, outstanding scribes are nominated for a Scribe Spotlight by members of their team or fellow scribes. We've poured over all of this month's nominees and are proud to announce those selected to be Scribe of the Month for September 2018 in each region that we service across the country. Check 'em out below! #SOTM

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Abbie Reed - St. Joseph, NY

"To be honest, surprising and thankful. I feel appreciated by the team that I work with and supporting individuals in the company. I wouldn’t be half the scribe I am today without all the work, time, and commitment that not only myself but the individuals I work with have put into this job.

Abbie Reed NY-St. Joseph


Reason for Nomination: 

"Abbie is a fantastic role model for the members of our team - especially to our newest team members as they join us in the ED. She takes a genuine interest in their success and always gives suggestions on how we can improve our training experience. Her evaluations are extremely detailed and she often follows up with me via phone call with additional comments on how we can help our trainees. When she isn’t training she helps with shift coverage to ensure our providers always have a scribe. Through her clear and detailed evaluations and comments to me over the phone she inspires her other trainers to provide good feedback. It’s been a privilege to watch her grow as a scribe and as a trainer. It is clear that she cares about our team and our hospital and she is absolutely deserving of a spotlight."


What made you want to be a scribe? 

I knew that after I graduated undergrad I was going to take a year off of academics and get experience in the medical field for graduate school applications. A lot of my friends who were interested in graduate programs in the medical field were applying to be medical scribes for experience hours. I decided to give it a try, found that Physassist Scribes was a company in my hometown, and I applied for the job.


What is the best part of working on your team?

The individuals that I work with in the Emergency Department at St. Joseph’s. It sounds cliché, but our team is filled with a group of individuals who are constantly there for support. They all have great characteristics that contribute to our team and make the environment that we work in enjoyable. 


Who inspires you? 

My family inspires me every day, especially my brothers. Both of my brothers work in the agriculture business and have tough jobs, but every day they are resilient and show incredible perseverance with the work that they do. They inspire me to push myself to be the best that I can be as an individual.



Robby Bender - Crouse, NY

Tyler Pocchiari - Utica, NY

Keith Errickson - Poughkeepsie, NY

Shelby Kostal - Utica, NY



Bonnie Sullivan - Bellingham, WA

"Most people with very busy schedules and lifestyles, which I’m sure includes many of the other scribes, tend to just go, go, go to keep up with life’s demands, but it’s nice to feel recognized for giving your best effort, which makes you stop and realize someone was impacted or benefited from your work. Taking the time to thank and appreciate your colleagues is very important for team morale and am very thankful to be on the recipient end of this praise."

Bonnie Sullivan WA-Bellingham

Reason for Nomination: 

“Bonnie always has a great work ethic and is very flexible with picking up shifts to help accommodate the team. She also has been working very hard as a trainer and put a lot of extra time and effort into updating the Provider Documentation Guide, which was not required of her.  Throughout all her hard work and many hours worked, Bonnie continues to have a great attitude and energy and is always ready to go above and beyond her normal scribe duties while being a great team role model.”


If you weren’t going into Medicine, what else would you be interested in?

If I did not pursue medicine further, I would consider continuing with my previous research work studying the tissue and behavioral mechanisms of Huntington’s disease or my previous work studying the biological and clinical manifestations of malignant gliomas.

I really enjoyed my undergraduate laboratory work, which investigated tissue, organ, and behavioral dysfunction by the mutant protein Huntingtin that causes Huntington’s disease, which is a very interesting genetic disease model that exemplifies a complex relationship between primary-secondary-tertiary protein structure and nearly follows Mendelian genetic dominancy with latent disease phenotype expression.  

Additionally, I did also enjoy my personal research pursuit, writing a comprehensive review of the biological and clinical manifestation of malignant gliomas, specifically grade III and grade IV gliomas, the former of which took away my previously very healthy mother’s life when I was very young. Devastation by medical disease made an early influence on my life and that project, although very challenging, was a very rewarding educational exploration that provided some closure on a difficult part of my life. I enjoyed that research very much for both personal and educational reasons and although I do keep ties to the local brain cancer community, I would be interested to restart this research and/or other outpatient caregiving and non-profit work I’ve done for this disease group.


What made you want to be a scribe?

After having an incredibly busy senior year at Western Washington University with final classes, ongoing lab research, and my senior thesis, I decided to take a gap year to complete the MCAT, during which I started working as a scribe to continue my clinical experience. I knew I was interested in either choosing a career as a practicing physician or a clinical researcher, but very quickly after starting this position, I solidified my choice to pursue a career in medicine after being able to work so closely with the ER doctors and really observe the medical decision-making process.


Who inspires you?

I find daily inspiration from both the doctors that I work with every day, who are incredibly knowledgeable and advanced in their practice, and from the other hardworking scribes I work alongside, who are just starting their lifelong careers in medicine, but are excited to be a part of the process as some move on to start medical school. I’ve also had amazing and inspirational supervisors in other positions including my undergraduate education and laboratory research at WWU with Dr. Carroll and Dr. Mana, and my philanthropic work with the Bellingham Brain Cancer Walk which includes a whole team of motivated and passionate people. I feel very grateful to have had the pleasure to work with such a variety of people who are so passionate about their work and who come from different walks of life with unique and motivating background stories.



Kelyna Gannaway - Fort Worth, TXKelyna Gannaway - TX-Fort Worth, Texas Health FW South

"It feels really awesome being selected as Scribe of the Month. I work hard to be an asset to the company and to feel good about myself, but to be recognized for it so widely was something I never expected, but it's great!"


Reason for Nomination: 

“Kelyna has consistently gone above and beyond her job duties to take on additional projects for the entire DFW area. She has helped out with several other teams over past few months and is always asking if there are any additional tasks she can help with. She takes initiative to help improve the quality of training and the scribes coming through on the floor, and is encouraging to her trainees and other trainers as well. Kelyna has been a great asset to her team and the whole company.”

If you weren’t going into Medicine, what else would you be interested in?

My life really revolves around medicine and has since I went to EMT school a few years back, so I really can’t imagine myself anywhere but medicine. However, if I wasn’t going into human medicine I would definitely be a veterinarian and still secretly think about it sometimes!


How do you prefer to spend your free time? 

I like to spend my free time hanging out with my fiancé and 5 pets. Whether that be going to the dog park, binge watching TV shows/movies, playing Fortnite, boxing, or playing tennis; everything is fun when I get to do it with them. 


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would probably be bang bang chicken pasta. If you don’t know what that is, it sounds really disgusting if you think about the ingredients, but it’s amazing! Essentially it’s a pasta with some cooked chicken and a sauce made out siracha, chili sauce, mayonnaise, and a few other ingredients!



Megan Bereznay - Fort Worth, TX 

Sarai Balthrop - Fort Worth, TX



Meghana Yerrapothu - Harvey, ILMeghana Yerrapothu IL-Harvey, Ingalls

"I’m very thankful!"


Reason for Nomination: 

“Meghana went above and beyond this month my expectations. She was always willing to help out anybody on the team by picking up shifts without any resistance or hesitation. This last week, one of our scribes needed emergency coverage for an unexpected medical issue and Meg helped out by helping with coverage 3 days in a row as well as working longer hours than she needed to as she worked a 14 hour shift when the shift was initially 10 hours. I wouldn't have been able to have a team without Meg.

Meg is currently the most helpful scribe on the team. Helps the most and does not expect an incentive. As a trainer, she really shows concern about whether the trainee passes or not and tries to help them out when she can. She also is very friendly overall to all of the physicians and scribes. Meg is currently planning our team outing and is trying to be as inclusive as possible. I cannot imagine working on this team without Meg.”


Who inspires you?

I am inspired by all the women that are striving to shatter and are SHATTERING glass ceilings in their respective fields. These women include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Tiera Guinn, Jennifer Doudna, Ali Wong, Tina Fey...the list goes on and on. We live in a polarizing time where we get to learn how to appreciate our differences rather than let them divide us. I’m blown away by the strides and respective paths different women have taken to encourage tolerance, conversation, and success. 


What is the best part of working on your team?

The best part of our team is by far the people. I think our team is very unique in that we have all formed very close bonds with each other. Spending time with them feels like spending time with family. We are always willing to help each other out with shifts and I find that we put each other’s’ needs before our own. We manage to have fun at work and are consistently looking at new ways to improve workflow. I’ve never been on any other team like this. In addition to our scribe team, our ER team really takes care of us. The nurses are patient and kind. They never make us feel like we are any less of the team, involving us in ED workflow regularly. All the doctors we work with take genuine interest in our growth and development. The techs are always helpful to acquire information from. There is not a single person in the entire ED that has not made me feel like I am welcome in some way, shape, or form. I am so thankful to get to share my time with these wonderful humans. 


If you weren’t going into Medicine, what else would you be interested in?

I would probably seriously pursue comedy. I took a couple classes at Second City and thoroughly enjoyed them. I like to laugh and to make people laugh. I also find satirical, anecdotal, and stand-up comedy to be an effective form of communication. My hope is that I can continue to take classes part-time while also pursuing a medical education.


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