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Scribe & CTS of the Year 2016

Posted by Sophie Penkrat on Dec 30, 2016 4:11:37 PM


Our medical scribes are bright, hardworking and dedicated to doing the best that they can—and then they do even more! Many of them balance school with studying for the MCATs and families, just to name a few of their grueling of responsibilities. We understand that each and every one of them goes above and beyond to perform, even when the emergency department is in overdrive. 

Each month, we celebrate individuals who excel with the Scribe of the Month (SOTM) recognition program. Medical providers and fellow scribes nominate scribes who try hard to cover shifts, making special efforts with training, taking professionalism to the next level, etc. These scribes are true leaders who embody the SOTM values: sincere, caring, responsive, innovative, balanced and efficient. At the end of the year, we pick one exceptional scribe and one exceptional CTS (certified trainer scribe) to be honored. We're pleased to announce the Scribe of the Year (SOTY) and CTSOTY (CTS of the Year) here! Congratulations to you!

2016 scribe of the year
samuel johnson – lafayette, in

SOTY16_Winner.jpgSam Johnson is currently a Lead Trainer in Leesburg, FL, though his home team (the one that had originally nominated him for SOTM) is in Lafayette, IN. Sam takes scribing to the next level and doesn't skip a beat when it comes to sacrificing sleep, sanity and social life to study for the MCAT and work hard as a scribe. He has been dedicated to his future in medicine for years and has devoted time to us at PhysAssist Scribes for the last year and a half, considered without a doubt the most reliable scribe on his team.

Excerpt from Sam's nomination: "I could never thank Sam enough for all that he does. He produces top quality charts, with some providers even stating that his charts are absolutely impeccable. To top it off, he makes work fun because he has such an uplifting and outgoing spirit that makes your day ten times better!" 

2016 CTS of the Year
farhan sahawneH
 – plant city, fl

COTY16_Winner.jpgThe CTSOTY award is presented in appreciation of outstanding teamwork, professionalism, leadership skills and commitment to PhysAssist Scribes while implementing new programs across the country. Not only is this person a role model, they are an ambassador for the company, representing our motto and devotion to helping people help people.

In Farhan Sahawneh's CTS of the Year video, he states that he is honored to be considered for CTS of the Year because the selection must be like "picking diamonds from a bucket of diamonds." This is testament to Farhan's character in realizing the scribes around him are really great. But truth be told, he has outdone himself time and again in his nearly two years as a medical scribe with PhysAssist Scribe and has been amazing at helping us start new sites in multiple locations around the country. 

Excerpt from Farhan's nomination: "He is a great representative to our clients and new scribe trainees and is extremely proactive in his approach to leading implementations. He's done an amazing job, with his professionalism shining through. It's clear he really cares about the new scribe programs he helps establish."

Check out Farhan's CTSOTY nomination video here:

We would also like to tip our hat to all of the Scribe of the Year and CTS of the Year finalists. They are truly outstanding! Congratulations to each every one of you for being truly amazing!




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