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Scribe & CTS of the Year 2017

Posted by Judge Howell on Jan 4, 2018 1:18:54 PM


Our medical scribes are bright, hardworking and dedicated to doing the best that they can—and then they do even more! Many of them balance school with studying for the MCATs and families, just to name a few of their grueling responsibilities. We understand that each and every one of them goes above and beyond to perform, even when the emergency department is in overdrive. 

Each month, we celebrate individuals who excel with the Scribe of the Month (SOTM) recognition program. Medical providers and fellow scribes nominate scribes who try hard to cover shifts, making special efforts with training, taking professionalism to the next level, etc. These scribes are true leaders who embody the SOTM values: sincere, caring, responsive, innovative, balanced and efficient. At the end of the year, we pick one exceptional scribe and one exceptional CTS (certified trainer scribe) to be honored. We're pleased to announce the Scribe of the Year (SOTY) and CTSOTY (CTS of the Year) here! Congratulations to you!

2017 scribe of the year
Alex Christl – Green Bay, WI

"Alex has drive, determination, skill, kindness, will-power and thoughtfulness that is embodied in every facet of his work. Doctors, PAs, NPs, nurses and our clinic manager have all made a point to say how much they appreciate him. I have heard from several provider's that Alex's charts are always well-written. They have such trust in him as he is always reliable and committed. Alex's bright personality lifts up even the most stressful of days in the clinic. No one can be down when he is there!
Recently, Alex has gone above and beyond what has been asked of him as a scribe. We recently had several people leave our clinic creating many open shifts. Alex selflessly put aside sleep and sanity to work several back-to-back shifts to ensure the doctors were well-taken care of and all shifts were covered. Time and time again, Alex has put his team and the providers first. What's even more incredible, is that not one of Alex's charts suffered due to his sleep deprivation and exhaustion. As I previously mentioned, you never have to worry about Alex's charts. He has progressed as a scribe to the point where the provider's have full trust in his competence and ability. Our team simply could not function without his steadfast commitment and we appreciate him so much. I know it, his fellow scribes know it and the staff in our clinic know it. I hope he knows it too. 

Alex is also an absolutely incredible trainer. All of his trainer evaluations are nothing less than glowing. He is kind, but assertive and supports his trainees in whatever area they need to ensure that they succeed. Several of our current scribes have been trained under him and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that each and every one would commend his absolute enthusiasm and wisdom. Our most recent scribe actually said that he hopes he can be "just like Alex one day", which is just one of many examples of how Alex has influenced the next generation of scribes. 

"When I came into my role in this Clinic, I could not have inherited a better scribe. We are very lucky to have him and know that he will excel in whatever he pursues. "

Check out Alex Christl's CTSOTY nomination video here:

2017 CTS of the Year
Ali Kilgore
 – Spokane, WA

The CTSOTY award is presented in appreciation of outstanding teamwork, professionalism, leadership skills and commitment to PhysAssist Scribes while implementing new programs across the country. Not only is this person a role model, they are an ambassador for the company, representing our motto and devotion to helping people, help people.

Ali is an exceptional scribe and served as an outstanding Lead Trainer for the Dearborn Beaumont Implementation. She went above and beyond to do what she could for the success of her scribe team; whether that was continuous calls with IT, shift coverage, or finding the people to answer all our unanswered emails. Ali had to leave the project, but that did not stop her from assisting me by remotely checking in on me, her scribe team, team trainers, trainees, and Dr. Shamoon. Ali always stepped up to the plate to provide consistent support and success for her team. 

Check out Ali Kilgore's CTSOTY nomination video here:


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