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Posted by Danielle Johnson on Aug 13, 2015 8:00:00 AM

IMG_6062It takes spontaneity. It takes drive. It takes late nights followed by early mornings. Phone calls. Emails. Followed by flights, rental cars, and handshakes. We don’t fear change, but embrace and welcome it as it comes.  We have coffee at all times and a wanderlust soul to help absorb everything that comes with the job.

It takes much more than medical terminology and a solid grasp on SOAP notes to be a Lead Trainer.  It is a unique mentality and a delicate balance of working and mentoring. We are the face of the company, the promise our corporate office makes, and the movers of metrics. We uphold more than the term “medical scribe” offers. We do more than show up and type fast. We study the flow of the ER and the interactions between our physicians and the secretaries, technicians, nurses, and intensivists. We identify the factors that limit patients per hour and make changes to workflow to improve door to disposition times. We are masters of the EMR and know where to find every misplaced EKG. We know everyone’s name – from the janitor to the Regional Medical Director, because we know how important it is to be a part of the care team.

As Lead Trainers, it’s not only our job to do these things, but also to teach these skills to new scribes. We take young adults with no medical experience and adjust them to the intimidating, fasted-paced environment of the ED. We mold them into confident, knowledgeable, and professional assets with the tools to think like a clinician. Then of course, as soon as our physicians are happy and our scribes are successful, we leave.

That’s where the balance comes in – we must be stern enough to be a leader and a mentor, but relaxed enough to not care where we go tomorrow.  We travel, we love our jobs, and we play as hard as we work. We leave a piece of ourselves at every hospital we visit. Then, knowing we left it better than we found it, we move on, because we too are bettered.

I Am Scribe and We are Lead Trainers.

Danielle began scribing for PhysAssist in June 2013 and was promoted to Chief Scribe in August 2013. She graduated from UW-Whitewater this Spring and is currently a Lead Trainer in St Louis. After scribing she plans on attending medical school.

Interested in traveling leadership opportunities? Contact to learn more!

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